TechTalk Genome Wire Object Protocol v4.2


The Genome Wire Object Protocol provides a package of framework features and tools that aid the developer in authoring distributed service-oriented applications using Genome on the server side. The package supports all major communication architectures however it is specifically targeted at WebService applications. The Wire Object Protocol Compiler (wopc.exe) provides code generation features to automate generation of the DTO class model based on the corresponding business layer implemented as Genome persistent classes. Usage of code generation is not only a productivity enhancement but also ensures that the DTO class model is always synchronized automatically with the business layer classes without imposing the risk of changing the communication protocol each time when the implementation of the business layer is changed.

The Wop Compiler also generates API methods that perform the translation between the Business Layer Objects and Data Transfer Objects. This translation is referred to as serialization and deserialization although it should not be confused with .NET serialization implemented by the Formatter class or with Xml serialization implemented by the XmlSerializer class.