TechTalk Genome v4.2

<Ignore> Element

Signals that the property should be ignored. The property can be used neither in OQL expressions nor in client code.

<Member name=" property ">
<Ignore [ value="true|false" ] />
A property referring to a persistent type. The property can have getter or setter or both.
If true, acessing the property in client code causes a NotImplementedException, or a SchemaException if the property is used in an OQL expression.


Mapping a property with <Ignore> can be useful if you do not want to or cannot provide a valid mapping for a property yet (e.g. you would need a <NearObjectReference> to a type that is not mapped yet). In this case, using the <Ignore> element enables you to compile the schema, although the property will not be usable.


    public abstract class Employee : Persistent {
        public abstract string FirstName { get; set; }
        public abstract string HomePhone { get; set; }
    <Mapping xmlns="urn:TechTalk:TT.OODAL.XmlMapping">

        <Type name="Employee">
            <!-- using Ignore as element -->
            <Member name="FirstName">
                <Ignore />
            <!-- using Ignore as attribute -->
            <Member name="HomePhone" Ignore="true" />


Type: TechTalk.Genome.Mapping.IgnoreXmlData

Assembly: TechTalk.Genome.dll

Version: 4.2.11

Editions: Professional, Evaluation, Express

Database Platforms: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i Release 2, Oracle 10g Release 2

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