TechTalk Genome v4.2

<CodeGeneratedProxy> Element

Provides proxies for persistent types by generating and compiling proxy implementation during schema compilation.

<Type name=" type ">
<CodeGeneratedProxy />
A class specifying a non-abstract persistent type.


Marking the type with the <CodeGeneratedProxy> element will generate and compile proxy implementations for the type to support both context-bound and unbound proxies. The <CodeGeneratedProxy> element has no additional parameters.

The proxy classes derive from the type. All abstract members mapped to features supporting code-generation are implemented by the generated proxy. Proxy generation and compilation is part of schema compilation and the compiled proxy classes are part of the schema assembly created by the schema compiler .


Specifies the proxy provider for the Employee class.

<Type name="Employee">
    <CodeGeneratedProxy />


Type: TechTalk.Genome.Mapping.CodeGeneratedProxyXmlData

Assembly: TechTalk.Genome.dll

Version: 4.2.11

Editions: Professional, Evaluation, Express

Database Platforms: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i Release 2, Oracle 10g Release 2

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