TechTalk Genome v4.2

Set<T> Class

Represents a read-only set of objects of type T, returned by an OQL expression.

For a list of all members of this type, see Set<T> Members.


[TypeConverter(ConverterTypeName="TechTalk.Genome.Design.SetConverter, TechTalk.Genome, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=21d2f016240c8d3d")]
public class Set<T> : Set, IOrderedQueryable<T>, IQueryable<T>, IEnumerable<T>, IOrderedQueryable, IQueryProvider, ITypedSet


The IEnumerator returned by the GetEnumerator() method also implements IDisposable. If the enumerator is to be worked on directly, it has to be manually disposed afterwards. Database connections may remain open if the enumerator is not disposed.


Namespace: TechTalk.Genome

Assembly: TechTalk.Genome (in TechTalk.Genome.dll)


Editions: Professional, Evaluation, Express

Database Platforms: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Orcale 9i Release 2, Oracle 10g Release 2

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