TechTalk Genome v4.2

ArrayResultBinder Class

A result binder to return tabular result sets.

For a list of all members of this type, see ArrayResultBinder Members.


public class ArrayResultBinder : CompositeResultBinder


Returning tabular results:

             ArrayResultBinder binder = new ArrayResultBinder(dd.Schema, 
                new ScalarResultBinder(dataDomain.Schema, typeof(int), 0), 
                new ScalarResultBinder(dataDomain.Schema, typeof(string), 1)); 
                IDbCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT Id, Name FROM Products");  
                    Set<object[]> externalSet = ExternalQuery.Create<object[]>(dataDomain, cmd, binder); 


Namespace: TechTalk.Genome

Assembly: TechTalk.Genome (in TechTalk.Genome.dll)


Editions: Professional, Evaluation, Express

Database Platforms: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Orcale 9i Release 2, Oracle 10g Release 2

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